Add Optional Courses to a Curriculum

Administrators and users with managerial permissions for a curriculum are able to set any course as optional, meaning that it does not need to be completed to complete the curriculum. The curriculum will still be marked completed if the member does not take the optional course.

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning Training (hover) > Curricula

  1. Find the curriculum you want to modify.
  2. Select Manage.
  3. Expand the Courses section of the Curriculum Panel.
  4. Select Edit Courses.
  5. Check the box for courses needed for curriculum completion. Leave the checkbox empty for any optional courses.
    • If you did not select "is needed for curriculum completion" a note will automatically appear for the member under the course's title, informing the user that the course is "not needed for curriculum completion" (optional).


  • If you selected "is needed for curriculum completion" the user will not be able to complete the curriculum until they take this course.
  • If the user self-enrolled in the Curriculum/Course this checkbox will always automatically default as optional, because the tool will not automatically select the check box 'is needed for curriculum completion'.
  • All optional and mandatory courses will always be seen in the employee's dashboard.


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