Create a Video Exam

Video exams offer an alternative to traditional written exams. They are created very much like traditional exams in the UKG Pro Learning solution.

Navigation: UKG Pro LearningTraining (hover) > Courses > locate course Manage > ExamsCreate New Video Exam

  1. Give the exam a title.
  2. (Optional) Write a description of the exam.
  3. If you would like managers with reporting permissions on the exam to be able to print and administer the exam offline, slide the Alow Exam to be Printed toggle to Yes. It is set to No by default.
  4. (Optional) Provide instructions for your exam.
  5. (Optional) Set a password for the exam. If set, the password is required to start, resume and restart an exam.
  6. Set the passing score for your exam in the form of a percent.
  7. Setting Show Score Realtime to Yes will show learners whether or not their answer was correct immediately after they answer a question. This setting defaults to No.
  8. If you would like to hide the exam score from learners at the end of the exam, set Score after submitting exam to No.
  9. Decide if the answers should be visible to learners after they complete the exam by setting Answers Visibility to AlwaysOnce, or Never.
  10. Allow students to skip questions on the exam by setting the Students can skip Questions toggle to Yes
    • If Students can skip Questions is set to No, you can allow them to skip to the end of the exam and complete it without answering all the questions. Set the Display Skip to end button toggle to Yes.
  11. Enter your own message in the Feedback / Pass and Feedback / Fail fields, or leave the default text.
  12. Set the number of times a student can retake an exam to improve their score. 
  13. A Waiting Period is only needed if learners are allowed to retake the exam. Set this to Yes and set a waiting period in weeks, days, hours, and/or minutes.
  14. Select Create New Exam. You will be taken back to the Exam Panel.
  15. Select Edit Video/Questions.
  16. Select Add Video From Library,
  17. Choose a video from your Library.
  18. Select Save. If you change your mind you can change the video by using the Change Video button.
  19. Pause the video to insert a question at that point.
  20. Select the type of question to ask. You cannot add two questions at the same point in the video.
    • Multiple Choice
    • Multiple Answers
    • True / False
    • Fill in Blanks
    • Matching
    You can also add questions from a question pool. If you add a question in error, you can delete it from the question card.
  21. Select the Make visible button to publish the video exam. It will appear on the course card under the Exams section.


If you replace the video in the future, the questions and their timing will not change. Please check the accuracy of the video exam questions if you change the video.


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