Unlock Courses for Users That Missed the Due Date

Admins or training managers can set due dates when assigning courses to users, and they can also control what happens when a user misses the course due date.

If a user misses a due date:

  • They can be automatically unassigned, or
  • They can be locked out of the course. 

Once the users are locked out of the course they will be able to access it but they will not be able to launch any lectures inside the course as they will get the following message:

This course has been locked because you missed the due date. Please contact your Admin or Manager to unlock the course.

Admins or training managers can unlock the course for these users if necessary.

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  1. In the list, find the course that needs to be unlocked. A list of users in the course will appear.
  2. Locate the user you want to unlock.
  3. Select the wrench icon for that user. The Settings section expands below the user.
  4. Select the Unlock button in the Settings section. The user can now access the course normally.
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