Group Courses

As an admin or a training manager, you have the option to divide the courses within curricula into groups. This feature is only available to curricula and mainly impacts training managers. With this feature, they have the option to see the stats on the Employees Dashboard, but only for the courses that are part of the group they choose. 

Groups are not visible to students. This differs from the existing ability to divide courses in a curriculum into sections, because sections are visible to students.

Navigation: UKG Pro LearningTraining (hover) > Curricula 

  1. Find the curriculum in the list.
  2. Select Manage Curriculum.
  3. On the Curriculum panel, expand the Group Courses section.
  4. Select Create Group.
  5. Name your group.
  6. Choose the courses to be added to the new group by using the + icon next to the course name.
  7. Select Save when finished adding courses to the group.

Created groups can be found on the curriculum page by selecting Group Courses > Manage Groups.

Managers interested in checking the stats of their grouped courses should navigate to the employees dashboard (UKG Pro Learning > Admin > Reporting > Employees Dashboard) and locate the curriculum that contains the groups. There is a drop-down list that allows you to switch between groups. By choosing Group 1 for example you will able to view the stats only for the courses that are under group 1. 


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