Integrate Udemy Business into Your Academy

Udemy Business is an online e-learning content provider your academy can utilize for trusted and up-to-date educational and business learning programs.

The UKG Pro Learning solution utilizes Udemy Business’ REST APIs to make nightly API calls to import Udemy Business courses and learner activity into your Academy. The integration allows for:

  • Centralizing your Udemy Business course catalog in your Academy.
  • Assign Udemy Business courses directly through your Academy.
  • Centralize reporting in your Academy to understand the consumption or engagement of learning content, track skills, and guide learning development.

This document describes the steps to configure the Udemy Business and UKG Pro Learning integration.

Activate the Udemy Business Course Integration

First, the Udemy Business API must be activated to generate your Udemy Business API Credentials. 

Navigation: Udemy Business > Manage > Settings > LMS/LXP integrations

  1. Select Start set-up.
  2. Select Other:
  3. At the Custom LMS name field, enter UKG Pro Learning and select Save
    Note: Auto enrollment must be left on:

  4. Select Save.

Now, go to the UKG Pro Learning solution to activate the integration.

Navigation: UKG Pro LearningAdmin Your AcademyAcademy Settings

  1. Select Connect External Content Providers to Your Academy.
  2. Switch the Udemy toggle to Yes.
  3. Under Connect External Content Providers to Your Academy, enter your 4 Udemy Business API Credentials.

    Connect External Content Providers.png
  4. Select Save when finished. The UKG Pro Learning solution will pull Udemy Business courses into Your Academy in the next nightly sync. 

Activate Course Progression and Completion Status Sync

To activate course status sync, further configuration is required depending on whether:

  1. SSO for Udemy Business is set up with a 3rd party Identity Provider (such as Okta or Azure)
  2. SSO for Udemy Business is set up directly with UKG Pro Learning
  3. SSO is not set up or you cannot pass the UKG Pro Learning User Id to Udemy lmsUserID via SSO. 

Please follow the relevant instructions for your organization below:

Option 1: SSO for Udemy Business is set up with a 3rd party Identity Provider such as Okta or Azure

If you are using a third-party SSO/Identity Provider solution, you will need to upload the UKG Pro Learning User ID into Udemy Business to match users between the systems for reporting purposes.  To do this, you can configure your Identity Provider to pass your UKG Pro Learning User ID into the Udemy Business lmsUserID field as a SAML attribute.

If your Identity Provider doesn’t already have your users populated with the UKG Pro Learning User ID, you will first need to work with your IT team to upload that attribute into your Identity Provider.

Note that using a separate identity provider will not work consistently on mobile apps. Be sure to test the mobile experience to ensure the user experience is acceptable. The user may have to re-authenticate every time they launch a Udemy Business course.

Option 2: SSO for Udemy Business is set up directly with UKG

To configure Udemy Business with UKG SSO, navigate to your Udemy Business Admin settings, and select Manage > Settings.


  1. On the left, select Single sign-on(SSO).
  2.  From the Start setup drop-down list, Choose Custom.
  3. Enter UKG Pro Learning at the Name field, and select Metadata URL.
  4. Then enter[academyid] into the field, replacing [academyid] with your academy's ID. Your academy ID can be found in the URL on most pages while within your academy.

  5. Select Import metadata. 

    If UKG is configured as the identity provider, UKG will default to using the email address as the unique identifier between UKG and Udemy Business. If emails do not match between the systems, UKG can map the UKG Pro Learning User ID to the Udemy Business lmsUserID via the SSO SAML assertion.

    We recommend allowing auto-provisioning and deactivated users to reactivate through SSO in your Udemy Business SSO optional settings.

Option 3: SSO is not set up or you cannot pass the UKG Pro Learning User Id to Udemy lmsUserID via SSO

In this scenario, you will have to periodically upload the UKG Pro Learning User Id into your Udemy Business account. This may not be scalable for large organizations that have frequent or high volumes of license turnover.  Please contact your Udemy Business representative for support.

Setup Complete

Your Udemy Business integration should now be complete. Please allow 24 hours for the full Udemy Business course catalog to sync. Thereafter, your Academy will make nightly API calls to Udemy Business to sync courses, user progress, and user completions.



Am I required to use UKG's SSO to access Udemy?

No, you do not need to use the SSO provided by UKG for the integration to work. You may set up your own identity provider in Udemy. You will need the lmsUserID to be mapped via SAML assertion from your SSO to Udemy in order to synchronize your reporting insights. Please see the Overview of Udemy Business SSO & Core Features help article from Udemy or contact your Udemy Business representative for more information.

Are there different license/subscription options? Will this matter to the behavior?

Licenses are managed between the client and Udemy, this does not affect the Learning solution setup.

What is visible in reporting?

Udemy user course insights will be visible in the Learning solution reporting, just like all courses.

Is there a new tag available for these non-native, but non-purchased (from the marketplace) courses?

Udemy courses and curricula will not be visible in the Marketplace, they will be included in the Training section. They will be listed under the Udemy category.

Will there be a whole new course created or is it a link?

A course will be created, with one lecture or a curriculum will be created with the courses included. When the student starts the lecture, they will be taken to the Udemy website to take the course.

What happens when your licenses/subscriptions expire? Are courses unassigned? Or will they stop working?

If an organization ends their subscription with Udemy Business, everyone associated with that account will lose access to the courses.

If a single user's license is removed, that user would lose access.

In-progress courses would not be available anymore in either case.

If an organization ends their subscription, they will need to remove or turn off their connection with Udemy in Academy Settings.

If a user loses their license, they would need to work with their academy Admin to get that license back, or the Admin would need to unassign them from the course in UKG Pro Learning.

The integration says it is successfully set up and I see courses but no user reporting progression or completions.  Why is that happening?

The most common reason we see this occurring is that the lmsUserID in Udemy Business is not uploaded with the UKG Pro Learning User ID

Is there a way to control which Udemy courses will be imported as part of the integration? Or is everything we have access to the only option?

All courses associated with your account will get merged into the UKG Pro Learning solution. This is enforced by Udemy's rules.

What would happen if a user went directly to the Udemy site and completed a course, would that course completion still be updated in the UKG LMS?

If you have correctly set up one of the three connection options between the Learning solution and Udemy (explained in the previous section), all records will be pulled over.

If someone is in Udemy and completes a course, will that completion make it back to the LMS even if the person did not access the course from the LMS?

Yes, the completions made by the users themselves will get communicated to Udemy and their Academy. Members actually take the Udemy course in Udemy, then we pull their status from Udemy into the Academy (nightly sync). This statement above refers to when an Administrator manually overrides the member's status in the Academy. We do not send statuses to Udemy, we only pull them from Udemy.

Can I use course reassignments in UKG Pro Learning to reassign Udemy courses?

No, reassignments like Oblige to Retake will not push to Udemy from the Learning solution. The user will always show as ‘Completed’ due to the status in Udemy. 

Are changes to the UKG Pro Learning enrollment record reflected in Udemy?

The integration does not push data into  Udemy. Any changes to the enrollment record in the UKG Pro Learning solution will remain in the Learning solution (unassignments, manual completions). There will be an option to search for this training by Category, ‘Udemy’, on certain administrator pages and member-facing pages.  Please note with auto-enrollment on your learners will be automatically enrolled in the Udemy course once they navigate through the deeplink from UKG to the Udemy side.

How many courses are available in Udemy Business?

Udemy offers over 20,000 courses, including International Course Collections. Download a course list here: Udemy Course Collection

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