Set Up Password Recovery Questions

You can set up recovery questions that will help you login in case you forget your password.

This option will only be available if your Academy administrator has enabled this functionality for you. 

Set Up Password Recovery Questions

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning Me (hover) > My SettingsMy AccountPassword Recovery Questions


  1. Enter your password in the Password field to confirm your identity.
  2. Select a question from each drop-down menu and enter your response in the text box.Screenshot_31.png
  3. Select Save when finished.

Use Password Recovery Questions

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning

  1. Select Forgot password.
    • If you don't have an email address:
      1. Select the Don't have an email address option.
      2. Enter your username.
      3. Select Recover.
    • If you have an email address:
      1. Enter your Email address.
      2. Select Recover.
  2. On the next page, answer the questions you set up perviously.
  3. Select Recovery. You are asked to change your password.
  4. Enter your preferred password in both text boxes. The passwords must be identical.
  5. Select Change. Your password is updated.

Your new password must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum length: 8 characters
  • Maximum length: 64 characters
  • At least one uppercase character
  • At least one lowercase character
  • Not more than three identical characters in a row (for example, aaa or 111)
  • Name as part of the password is not permitted
  • Login as password is not permitted 
  • Password cannot match academy names
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