Activate Password Recovery Questions

Administrators can give members the option to set up Recovery Questions that will help them log in if they forget their password.

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning > Admin (hover) > Academy Settings Member Settings

  1. Expand the Do you want to turn on the password recovery questions? section and move the toggle to Yes.

    This setting allows members without an email address set, to recover their password through security questions set up upon their first login.
  2. (Optional) To make this option available for members who have an email tied to their account, turn the Allow users to recover their password also via email toggle to Yes.
  3. Scroll down and select Save when finished.

If multiple accounts share the same email address then the password recovery will display an error. By providing one email address that is shared across multiple accounts, there is no way to tell which account is the correct one. Since the recovery questions are connected with accounts and not email addresses, the functionality will not work in those cases. 

On first login, a member will be asked to choose and answer 3 security questions (out of 10). If there were members who were logged into the academy prior to activating the password recovery questions, they will be asked to choose the three questions upon their next login.

If a member has forgotten their password but has answered the 3 security questions, they can select Forgot password and:

  • Select the Don't have an email address option, add their username, and click Recover.


Once the user answers the security questions they will be able to set a new password.

  • Or add their Email and answer the Security questions.

Each member can edit the answers to the password recovery questions by navigating to UKG Pro Learning > Me (hover) > My Settings > My Account > Password Recovery Questions:


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