Upload Instructions for On-the-Job Training Tasks

In UKG Pro Learning, you have the ability to provide your trainees with instructions on how to complete an On-the-Job Training task they have been assigned to. There are three options you can select here based on what better fits your organization's needs. You can decide if you want:

  • to add a universal set of instructions for all the trainees completing a task
  • to upload a specified set of instructions different for each trainee
  • to upload a different set of instructions for each Above Unit / Unit

Examine all of the options in more detail.

1) Universal Set of Instructions
To add a universal set of instructions for all the trainees that are going to complete a task, find the On-the-Job Training in question, and select Edit Tasks from the On-the-Job Training Panel.


Under each Task, you have the option to upload instructions for your trainees by selecting on one of the following options:

  • Add Url Instructions
  • Upload Instructions
  • Add Instructions from Library


Once you are done your trainees will be able to download their instructions, when accessing this task.

2) Different Set of Instructions for Each Trainee

You can upload a different set of Instructions for each Trainee, either from the Employees Dashboard or by accessing the specific On-the-Job Training

Employees Dashboard

Head to the Employees Dashboard and follow one of the provided series of steps to locate the needed On-the-Job Training and User.

  • Employees Tab > Select Employee > Select Course > Select Details > Open On-the-Job Training
  • Courses Tab > Select Course > Select Employee > Select Details > Open On-the-Job Training
  • Employees Tab > Select Employee > Select On-the-Job Training > Select Details
  • On-the-Job Training Tab > Select On-the-Job Training > Select Employee > Select Details

Note: The first two options are only available for Course-connected On-the-Job Trainings. 

On-the-Job Training

Head to the On-the-Job Training in question. Select the On-the-Job Training you want to expand and see the trainees that are assigned, and select the Trainee's name.

In both cases (from the Dashboard or the On-the-Job Training), for the Trainee in question, you will be able to see all the Tasks in the On-the-Job Training and select to upload instructions in any of the tasks. To upload the supporting documents, first, select the Assessment Options button for the needed task and then just select the Documents tab. Under the Supporting Documents label select the Upload button, as shown in the screenshot, and upload the specified set of instructions for the specific trainee and task.


After uploading the instructions you can select to Edit them, Download or Delete them.



  • Supporting documents are not accessible in trainee view, even if the logged-in user is a manager and can see the supporting documents of the others.
  • Supporting documents are considered a part of the assessment, so if the use is obliged to retake the course, the documents will be erased.

3) Different Set of Instructions per Above Unit / Unit

To upload a set of instructions for all trainees under a specific Above Unit or Unit, head to the Employees Dashboard, click the On-the-Job Training Tab, and select the On-the-Job Training in question.

Once you are on the On-the-Job Training page, select the needed Organizational node from the organizational filters on the top of the page. Once you do so, another button will show up that will allow you to upload Supporting Documents for all the users under the selected Organizational node.


The file you upload will be added as a supporting document for all the tasks of this On-the-Job Training, and for all the trainees under the selected organizational node. 

The Mass Upload button is only available when an Above Unit or Unit is selected in the organizational filters.

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