Evaluate an On-the-Job Training

Based on your permissions, you may be able to evaluate Course-Connected and/or Standalone On-the-Job Training for your employees. Navigate to the On-the-Job training section of your Employees Dashboard by selecting AdminManage, or Reporting tab (depending on your role) from the upper navigation bar, and then Reporting. On the left side menu, select Employees Dashboard.


From the top panel select On the Job Training and find the desired On-the-Job Training. You can use the filtering options to limit your results by course status, category, or see your academy's Standalone On-the-Job Training. Select the title of the training you want to evaluate.


Evaluation Process

To start the evaluation, find the user that you want to assess and select Details.

Trainers have the option to check off completed tasks under Signed off by trainerThe date is recorded automatically.

Trainers may also:

  • assess each task
  • write your comment
  • view the trainee's answer to open questions
  • download the trainee's home assignment or upload a revised home assignment 
  • upload an evaluation document per task, under the Documents tab 
  • upload a supporting document per task 
  • reset a user's signature. Select View Signature on the relevant task and then select Reset Signature

To save the changes, select the Save option from the dropdown. If you want to both save the changes and sign off the task for the user, select the Save and Sign-Off option from the dropdown. Select the button to save your changes.



If your academy's On-the-Job training is assessed by score, then once you assess the user their average score will be displayed on the Employees Dashboard.


If another manager has already added an assessment for this user/task, then only this manager, an administrator, or a training manager with appropriate permissions can sign off on the task. Hovering over the Sign-Off box will provide you with the name of the manager that has added an assessment for the user. Select View Assessment to see how the manager assessed the user and if they have added any comments. 


If you want another user to complete the assessment, then the first user must perform the following actions:

  1. Remove the score and uncheck the sign-off checkbox 
  2. Remove performance levels and uncheck the sign-off checkbox 
  3. Uncheck the task

Mass Mark Users as Completed

Trainers with the Bulk OJT Performance Assessment permission enabled, training managers, and administrators can sign off all users' tasks at once.

  1. Select the desired On-the-Job Training from the top panel
  2. Select the Above Unit/Unit/Job that you want to evaluate
  3. Select the circled checkmark icon to mark all as completed.

You have the option to filter your records based on the status of the tasks:

  • Signed off by Trainer
  • Signed off by Trainee
  • Trainer's pending tasks
  • Trainee's pending tasks


The trainer can sign off all of the tasks even if the trainee has not completed them yet.

The Trainees' Open Tasks column in the OJT dashboard shows the number of tasks that the trainee did not sign, as a piece of extra information for the managers (trainers). This does not necessarily define the completion of the relevant OJT tasks (if for example, the OJT setting "Sign-off required for OJT completion" is "Trainer only").

Other Reporting Options

Please note that from the On-the-Job Training reporting dashboard, you have three more reporting options when it comes to a specific OJT. 


  • Download all Home Assignments.
    1. Select the folder icon
    2. Select Download all Home Assignments. You will receive an email that contains a URL where you can download the home assignments (for the users that match the criteria, based on the filters that you have selected).
  • Report and export all OJT Signatures.
    1. Select the folder icon
    2. Select Download all Signatures. You will receive a PDF that contains the following information, for the users that have signed their OJT Signature Task:

      • Course Title

      • On-the-Job Training Title

      • Employee Name

      • Employee External ID (if exists)

      • Task Title

      • Signature

      • Date

  • Download a PDF that contains all the tasks of this OJT
    1. Select the folder icon
    2. Select Download all Tasks. The PDF contains fields where you can fill in all the needed information to assess a user offline. You can later then input the data into the Learning solution for better tracking.

Mass Upload Supporting Document

If a specific organizational structure is selected, such as a Unit or Above Unit, a mass upload document button becomes available.


With this button, trainers have the option to upload a supporting document for the on-the-job training.


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