Edit Curriculum Events

You can define the order of your curriculum's events, and how they are displayed, by using the curricula events ordering configurator.

Navigation: UKG Pro LearningTraining (hover) > Curricula

  1. Locate the curriculum to edit and select Manage.
  2. Choose In-Class Training or Live Sessions.
  3. Select Events Ordering Configurator. On this page, you can configure the sequence of all types of events (In-Class Training, Live Sessions) just by sliding the events into place. Screenshot_2__2_.png
    On this page you can only adjust the events' sequence. Visibility and other configuration options for every event must be set up through the respective type page.
  4. Select Save when finished. Once you save the sequence, your events will be displayed on the Events Page with your selected order.Screenshot_3__1_.png
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