OpenSesame Integration

OpenSesame offers curated online learning programs to realize the potential of your workforce today. If your organization already has an OpenSesame account, you can easily integrate it into your Learning academy.

To configure your integration, you will need a unique OpenSesame Customer Integration ID (CIID). This is used to link your UKG Pro Learning solution to your OpenSesame administrator account. Please request this ID from your OpenSesame Customer Success Manager or Implementation Specialist. If you are not working with either, you can request the ID from OpenSesame’s Support team.

Connect Your OpenSesame Account

To integrate your OpenSesame and Learning solution accounts, you will need to get your Customer Integration ID, or CIID, from your OpenSesame implementation specialist or customer success manager. Once you have obtained your CIID from OpenSesame, you can proceed with the next steps.

Navigation: UKG Pro LearningAdminYour AcademyAcademy Settings

  1. Select Connect External Content Providers to Your Academy from the list of settings.
  2. Move the OpenSesame slider button to yes.
    Note: If you do not see OpenSesame as an option, please contact your UKG Pro Learning representative to activate it in your academy.OS_Connect_External_Small.png
  3. Choose how the Learning solution handles duplicate courses when uploading an AICC package directly downloaded from OpenSesame.
    • If the Allow Newly Added OpenSesame Files to Overwrite Existing Version slider button is set to Yes, details from an uploaded OpenSesame file will overwrite the details for the matching, existing lecture.
    • If the Allow Newly Added OpenSesame Files to Overwrite Existing Version slider button is set to No, then the details from the existing lecture will stay the same, but there will be duplicates of the same lecture.
  4. Enter the Customer Integration ID you received from OpenSesame.

  5. Save when finished. It may take up to two hours for these accounts to integrate.

Make OpenSesame Courses Available

When your OpenSesame integration is active you can select courses to add to your Learning academy.

  1. Visit and log in to the administrator account that contains your course licenses. If you’ve created a List or had any created for you, courses can be chosen from there.
  2. Open the account menu and select Lists.
  3. Open a List by selecting its title.
  4. Use the checkboxes to select from the courses within. You can select everything, specific Groups, or individual courses. Only courses with an active license will successfully send.
  5. When at least one course is selected, a Deliver Courses button will appear. Select it when you’re ready to proceed. If you have multiple license types for any of the selected courses, you will be asked which type to use.
  6. Select the Send to Integration delivery option. If a different option appears, expand the menu and choose Send to Integration from there.
  7. Select UKG and then the Deliver Courses button to deliver your selections to your academy.
  8. To review the selected courses again, select View Status in the confirmation to visit the My Courses dashboard, which can also be reached via the account menu.

Courses will appear in the Learning solution moments after selecting Deliver Courses in OpenSesame. As a best practice, it is recommended that you test a small initial batch of courses to confirm everything is operating as expected.

OpenSesame Courses in the Learning Solution

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning > Training Courses

OpenSesame courses appear in the course list in the Training tab, where you can manage them just like any other course in your academy. The most recently added courses will appear first. You can make OpenSesame courses visible to learners by managing Category permissions or creating assignments.

In addition to the immediate course delivery, the Learning solution will check OpenSesame once a day to see if there have been any changes or additions to your selected courses or their metadata.

If a course becomes inactive in the Learning solution — when you elect to remove it from the OpenSesame side or if it is retired by the publisher — it will no longer appear in search results for learners. These courses will be automatically deactivated on your behalf. They will still appear in an established learner’s transcript, but new learners will be unable to launch them.

In addition to the reporting available in the Learning solution, reporting can be found in your OpenSesame administrator account as soon as learners launch OpenSesame courses. In the account menu, find Dashboard or Insights then select Activity Report.

Additional Information

  • Archived courses are kept in the academy, and labeled as such. Records are kept on archived courses, and archived courses can be reactivated at any time. Those in the middle of a course that is archived will be unable to finish the course until it is reactivated.
  • As the files are AICC, updates and changes happen almost immediately; there is no periodic sync needed.
  • Because the courses are created externally, the options available while managing OpenSesame are limited. Those options that are unavailable will not appear or be grayed out.
  • OpenSesame courses cannot be reassigned (oblige to retake).
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