Review Event Questionnaire Results

Questionnaires help you obtain organized feedback from participants. Whereas polls address trends across an audience, questionnaires help administrators and instructors find areas to better the experience.

Event questionnaires can be automatically assigned after the event and can be set up so that each attendee will need to complete theirs to complete the event.

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning > Admin > In-Class Training or Live Sessions > Manage Events 

  1. Locate the event for which you wish to review the questionnaire.
  2. Open the Manage Event drop-down menu for the event.
  3. Select Manage Questionnaires.

  4. Locate the questionnaire you wish to review and select Questionnaire Results. The results will appear, showing how each option in a close-ended question compares to the others.
  5. Select the More Details link to see how each participant answered. Open-ended answers will also be displayed, along with the answer's author.


Questionnaire Reports

Two reports, the Questionnaires Report and the Questionnaire Detail Report, are available in Report Builder.

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning > Admin > Reporting > Report Builder > Create New Report > Questionnaires

  1. Select Questionnaire Detail Report or Questionnaires Report.
  2. Customize your report as desired.
  3. Save or Save and Download your report.
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