Academy Email Notifications

Under Notifications from your administration panel you have two different types of notifications:

  • Academy Notifications
  • Scheduled Notifications

Scheduled Email Notifications are covered in a separate article on this help site.

The Academy Notifications Panel is divided into tabs depending on the notification's content. The number of tabs depends on which features you have enabled for your academy. 

General - In the General Notifications tab, you will be able to find all notifications related to general actions throughout the Academy.

Courses/Curricula - In the Courses/Curricula tab, you will be able to find all notifications related to the Courses/Curricula such as notifications about an assignment, updates, and so on.

Groups - All notifications located in this tab are related to the Groups feature. 

On the Job Training - In this tab, you can review all notifications related to the On-the-Job Training feature.

Events -  This tab includes various notifications related to the Events feature, such as notifications about member registration, event updates, and many more. 

Leaderboards - Under Leaderboards, you will be able to locate notifications related to the Leaderboard and Games. 

Each notification can be turned on or off, and be previewed, with some exceptions (such as Leaderboard notifications). The default recipient is shown with each notification.


Only users with confirmed email addresses are able to receive email notifications from your Academy. 

There are some Academy notifications that allow you to select specific recipients (like the Scheduled notifications). Some examples are:

  • Courses / Curricula > "Manager gets email notification when student has failed the exam"
  • Courses / Curricula > "Notification about retirement date update"
  • General > "New comment on Library Content"

You have the option to configure the audience of your scheduled notifications based on the organizational structure. Default recipients are selected for you, but you can filter them down so that only users with a specific organization structure will receive the notification.

  1. Locate the notification you wish to modify.
  2. Select the desired organizational structure. 
    • If both Email notification and Filter Default Recipients are turned to Yes, the notification will not be delivered to the default recipients. It will be delivered only to the recipients who meet the criteria of the “Default” option and the custom criteria set on the organization level.
    • Only one filtered recipient list can be used per notification.
    • Recipient lists can have a custom title.
    • If a Course/Curriculum/Event notification is configured, it will have a higher priority over the academy (or custom recipient) notification.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Turn Filter Default Recipients to Yes.


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