My ePortfolio

Your ePortfolio is a repository that aggregates all your skills and accomplishments in the UKG Pro Learning solution. Your preferred languages, credits you earned, and badges and certificates you have been awarded are found in your ePortfolio.

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning > Me (hover) > My ePortfolio

Based on what your academy administrator has activated, you may see three tabs under your Accomplishments: Badges, Knowledge Profile, and Rankings. 


Under Badges, you will find all of your Social Badges and your Game Badges.

Your Social Badges may come from completing a course, a curriculum, or an event, or may have been awarded to you by another member of the academy. Select a badge to see how you got it.

Your game badges are displayed per game. Each row reflects the level you have reached on the specific game, along with the credits you received.

Knowledge Profile 

Your knowledge profile contains graphs that provide you with a breakdown of the course categories you have learning experience in.


Under Ranking, you will find an overview of your leaderboard points and places. For each leaderboard, you can find your general ranking and points, and your best category ranking and points. 


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