Knowledge Profile

Members can view graphical data related to their accomplishments in their Knowledge Profile.

Note: The Knowledge Profile feature is an optional Advanced Setting in the Social Collaboration Module. An administrator must enable the setting for it to appear on member profiles.

Navigation: Me (hover) > My Profile > Accomplishments > Knowledge Profile


The four graphics shown in the Knowledge Profile are directly associated with course categories and Leaderboard settings.

Learning Focus

This graph shows information related to the courses a member has enrolled in or completed, grouped by their subject area.


Profile Graph

This graph displays the number of credits a member has earned for activities and achievements related to each Leaderboard available to them.


Course Subjects and Structure

This graph represents all of the course subjects in which the member is enrolled in at least one course, and displays the number of courses in which they are enrolled.

Note: The member must be enrolled in at least one course within a course subject for it to display in the graph. If the member is not enrolled in a course within a specific course subject, that subject will not display in the graph.


Social Graph

This is a graph for the friends that the member has inside the academy and the percentage of them that are enrolled in each course subject.


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