Basic Academy Labels: Description

Label Description

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

On-the-Job Training events are in-person events that may require tasks or other activities to be completed before the event is considered complete.


Steps a trainee must finish to complete an On-the-Job Training.

Home Assignments

This task type requires trainees to complete a homework assignment and verify that they have completed the assignment by uploading a document or file.


The person that assesses the Trainee.


The person completing the On-the-Job Training.


In-person and virtual training classes.
In-Class Training Events that take place in a physical location. In-Class Training can be created as a Standalone Event, a Course Event, or a Curriculum Event.

Live Session

Live Session events take place virtually by connecting UKG Pro Learning with your GoToTraining, MS Teams, Webex, or Zoom account.
Career Path You can track skills in your academy and grant members the ability to follow defined Career Paths.

Above Unit

Areas, organizations, or people connected to a unit.


Locations, stores, or business units.


The role an individual has anywhere in the hierarchy.

External Member

A user outside the organization with limited abilities to view and access public courses. 

A collection of lectures that you can assign directly to students or as part of a curriculum. Courses can include video files, PowerPoint presentations, documents, SCORM packages, and more.

Lecture An individual piece of content included in courses.
Curriculum A collection of courses. Curricula can be multi-course or multi-language.
Drop Out A user can remove themselves from a Course or Curriculum they self-enrolled in by clicking the Drop Out button.
Assign Training You can assign users to a Course/Curriculum so that they will be able to take it.
Unassign Training You can remove a user from a Course/Curriculum they are currently enrolled in.
Oblige You can require specific students to retake courses or curricula. Initiate an Oblige to Retake from the Employees Dashboard.
Group Groups are communities within your Academy that enable collaboration and sharing of knowledge and content. Each group has its own visibility and access rules.
Wall The Academy wall is where users can post status updates and see news of their peers' activities. You can choose which members can see and post updates.
Badge Badging is a feature used for employee recognition. You can enable employees to award badges to their coworkers, and grant specific roles the ability to create badges.
Leaderboard Leaderboards are a feature within the Gamification Module that enable employees to see where they rank within the Academy on specific activities defined by the administrator.
Exam Exams are a tool within courses that enable you to assess your employees' knowledge of the subject covered by the course.
Me Through the "Me" tab you can check your profile, your accomplishments, your self-assessments, and your dashboard. You also have the option to change your account settings.
Announcement Announcements are used to relay information about the Academy, Courses, and Curricula to multiple members simultaneously. You can send announcements to all Academy members, to specific members, or to specific groups.
Catalogue The Course Catalogue is a collection of courses available for you to take.
Home The home page of the Academy.
Polls Polls are a tool used for obtaining feedback from your employees.
Library The content repository for the Academy.
Transitions The Transitions feature enables admins to design a training schedule for all new employees as well as for employees that change jobs.
Skill Assess employee skills to track and manage growth.
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