Academy Home Page

The Home Page is the central page of your Academy. Here you may find courses and curricula that have been recently published, new content that has been shared, new groups that have been created, and many more. You may also find new announcements and recent activities of members. 

The structure of the Home Page is configured by your academy administrator. An academy administrator has the option to add, remove and reorder the gadgets on your Academy's Homepage. 

Search bar

If a search bar is available on your Homepage, you have the option to search for a course, curriculum, event, or content material, directly from your homepage. If you search for a specific term with the "All" option selected you will be able to see the first five results of each category (Courses, Curricula, Content, Events) in sections.


The gadgets you may be able to see are defined by your role within the Academy. The gadgets are divided into two different categories:

  • Gadgets for users with Admin and Management Permissions
  • Gadgets available for all users

Gadgets Available to All Users

Gadgets provide quick views of a variety of UKG Pro Learning features.

  • Announcements: Displays announcements sent by admins and managers.
  • Promoted Courses: Up to three or six courses (that have been marked as promoted) can be shown on your home page.
    • You can select if you want the promoted courses gadget to be shown in a list or a slider view. If you select the slider view, you can define if you want the slider to play automatically, and after how many changes a new course will be shown. If the grid option is selected the end-user will be able to see up to three courses within the promoted courses gadget.
    • If the slider option is selected the end user will be able to see up to six courses

    • For a course to populate as a promoted course on a user’s home page, the user should not be already enrolled in the course.
    • Private courses, even if selected as promoted, do not populate the promoted courses gadget. Courses need to be public.
    • Decentralized category courses will not be displayed. Course category visibility rules outweigh promoted course setup. For example, a course set as a promoted course that is part of a category not visible to all employees, won't populate in the promoted courses gadget for an employee.
    • The promoted courses will not be displayed on this page if you are the course instructor.
  • Suggested Courses: Up to four suggested courses can be shown on your home page.
    • Courses are suggested by default only based on permissions that have been set up (that is, what roles have permission to access which course categories). This means that by default users are suggested the latest courses that have been published and are open for them to take. 
    • Through the academy settings, an administrator can also choose if they want the system to suggest courses to end users based on more criteria like their role or skills.
  • Latest Content: Displays the last four items uploaded to the Academy Library.
  • Suggested Groups: Displays a list of groups the user can join.
  • Calendar: A calendar displaying various activities such as Events, Due Dates, or Expiration dates.
    • As an administrator, once you have enabled this gadget, an extra menu will appear where you have the option to choose the color that you want to have for each one of the events, expiration dates, etc. that will be presented on the calendar of your academy. In the same menu, you also have the option to select which of these entities will be visible on your Academy's calendar. You can set which day should be the default first calendar day.
    • You can sync this calendar to an external one.
  • Polls: Displays standalone polls.
    • Administrators can define if users should be able to see the first available poll for them to take or if there is a specific poll that they should see. If you select a specific poll, it will be displayed to all users that have permission to answer. If a user doesn't have permission to access the selected poll, the first available poll will be displayed.
  • Quick Training Dashboard: Displays the following information related to the user's training:
    • Total Hours: The total number of hours spent in training.
    • Total Courses: The total number of courses in which the user is enrolled.
    • Completions: The total number of completed courses.
    • Completion Rate: The rate of course completion.
    • Overdue Courses: The number of courses with a past due date in which the user is enrolled, but has not completed.
    • Certifications: The total number of certifications awarded to the user.
  • Recently Awarded Certificates: Displays certificates recently awarded to the user.
  • Curricula In Progress: Displays up to three curricula in progress. The order of appearance is configurable by an administrator based on the following information:
    • Last Progress
    • Time Enrolled
    • Time Created
  • Courses In Progress: Displays up to three courses in progress. The order of appearance is configurable by an administrator based on the following information:
    • Last Progress
    • Time enrolled
  • New Messages: Displays new messages.
  • New Newsfeed Posts: Displays new posts from the Newsfeed.
  • Most Popular Content: Displays the three most-viewed items in the Academy.
  • Favorite Content: Displays the most recent content the user has added to their favorites.
  • Recently Viewed Content: Displays the three most recently viewed pieces of content by the user.
  • High Priority Announcements: Displays high priority announcements.
  • Promoted Content: Displays up to five content items marked for promotion. Library category visibility rules override promoted content items configuration. For example, an item that is marked as Promoted, but is part of a category not visible to all employees, will not display in this gadget.
  • Promoted Curricula: Displays the most recently promoted curriculum.
    • For a curriculum to display in this gadget, the user cannot be enrolled in the curriculum.
    • Private curricula do not appear in the Promoted Curricula gadget. Curricula must be set to Public to appear.
    • Curriculum category visibility rules override the promoted curricula configuration. For example, a curriculum set as a promoted curriculum, part of a category not visible to all employees, won't populate in the Promoted Curricula gadget for an employee.
    • The Promoted Curricula gadget does not display if you are the curriculum instructor.
  • Transitions: Displays a summary of the user's Transitions profile statistics.
  • Games: Displays the user's active games, what level they are on, their unlocked levels, and how many points they need to reach the next level. The game with the user's best performance appears by default.
  • Leaderboards: Displays the user's current Leaderboard ranking and how many points they need to reach the next level. The Leaderboard with the user's best performance appears by default.
  • My Groups: This gadget displays up to 3 groups that you recently joined so that you can have quick and easy access to the group pages.
  • Overdue Courses: This gadget displays up to 3 of your courses that are most recently overdue so that you can quickly see the progress status and access the courses.
  • Trainee’s Pending On The Job Training: By enabling the Trainee's Pending On the Job Training gadget, Trainees will be able to see the 3 most recent OJT tasks that need their sign-off.

Additional Gadgets for Administrators and Managers

Three additional gadgets are available for administrators and users with management permissions that enable them to track the progress of their employees. 

  • My Team's Quick Dashboard: A quick view of employees that shows the number of Team Members, the Total Hours spent on training, the Average Completion Rate, and the Compliance Rate.
  • Trainer's pending On-the-Job Training: Displays the three On-the-Job Training tasks most recently completed by trainees and that require trainer sign-off.
  • Curriculum Status per Employee: Displays a review of the user progress in up to six curricula. For the data to populate the administrator or manager should select up to six curricula from the relevant dropdown and one unit. Once selected, a table displays the progress of each user, in each course of the selected curricula, in four states:
    • Completed
    • Not Started
    • In Progress
    • Not Enrolled
      This data can be exported in a .csv file.

Add Gadgets to the Home Page

Administrators can configure the home page differently and independently for every category of users. The home page can consist of one or more gadgets that you can add and decide about the order they appear. Most gadgets come in two sizes which provides you more flexibility on how you can design the home page experience.

Navigation: UKG Pro LearningHome

  1. Select the down arrow next to your name.
  2. Select Edit Homepage.
  3. From the Home Page Configurator, select Admins, training managers, and members with management jobs or All members without management jobs.
    You can create a different version of your Homepage for each job and location. Select Create configuration to create up to 50 different instances for the homepage of your academy. You can configure custom homepages with different gadgets for various audiences depending on organization criteria and other customizable attributes. As a result, academy users will see a unique homepage with specific gadgets relevant to their jobs and/or above units. Their home page is automatically updated in the case of a role change.
  4. Add a search bar to your Homepage by changing the Enabled/Disabled dropdown. 
  5. Select Add Gadget.
  6. Select the Choose Gadget drop-down list and select a gadget.
  7. Select Add.
  8. Optional. Repeat the previous steps to add additional gadgets.
  9. Configure the gadgets. Each has three options available.
    1. Drag and drop gadgets to change their order.
    2. Make the gadget visible on the mobile app.
    3. Resize the gadget.
  10. Select Save.

You can arrange the gadgets and set the default order for all academy members. Users can reorder the gadgets on their Home page. To prevent users from changing the order of the gadgets, from the Home Page Configurator, check the Lock the homepage order for the users box. To reset the order of the gadgets, select the down arrow next to your name and select Reset Homepage Order.

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