Publish a Course in Articulate Storyline 360 for Uploading to UKG Pro Learning

UKG Pro Learning enables you to add lectures to courses by uploading your own files, such as SCORM files (SCORM 1.2). Before you can upload the file to Learning, you must prepare your SCORM slides, content, quizzes, etc. in your authoring tool. For this example, the authoring tool is Articulate Storyline 360.

Prepare Your Files

Before uploading your SCORM file to UKG Pro Learning, you must prepare the file in Articulate Storyline 360. Once a SCORM file is uploaded, you cannot make changes to the file in the Learning solution.

  1. From the Home tab on the Storyline ribbon, select Publish.

  1. From the Publish window, select the LMS tab on the left.

  1. In the Title field, enter the title of the course.

The Title field defaults to the name of your Storyline project file. Changing the title will not affect the name of your project file.

  1. In the Description field, enter a description of the course. The course description appears on information cards in the Articulate Mobile Player app.
  2. In the Folder field, enter the location where you want to publish your course. Select the ellipsis button to navigate to a specific location. Storyline creates a new folder in the selected location with all the files required to operate your course.

Always publish to a local drive. Publishing to a network drive or a USB drive can cause problems with the published output. After publishing to a local hard drive, upload the output to a web server for testing.

  1. Under Publishing for HTML5 and mobile devices:
    • Check the box to Include HTML5 output.
    • Do not check the box to Use Articulte Mobile Player for iOS or Android. The Learning mobile app for iOS and Android has its own integrated SCORM player.
  2. (Optional) Set up the Storyline Player that will appear in the SCORM.mceclip4.png
  3. Under PropertiesOther set the following options:
    • Browser size: Select Resize browser to optimal size.
    • Player size: Select Lock player at optimal size.
    • Launch player in new window (creates launch page): Leave unchecked.
    • On restart: Select Prompt to resume if you want to allow users to watch this message when they reopen the course after closing it. They will be given the choice to continue from the most recent slide or to begin the course from the first slide.
  4. From the Publish Quality section, select Standard.
  5. From the Publish section, select Entire Project.
  6. From the Reporting and Tracking Options section, on the Tracking tab, select Track using quiz result and choose the slide with the exam. 
  7. Select the Reporting tab.

Select SCORM 1.2 LMS drop-down list. UKG Pro Learning serves SCORM version 1.2.

On this page, you will see your reporting details like LMS Course Information, LMS Lesson SCORM Information, etc. The only thing you have to take care of is LMS Reporting.

From the Report status to LMS as drop-down list, select Passed/Incomplete

  1. Select Publish.
  2. To export the SCORM file, select ZIP and then select a location to save the file. The SCORM file is saved in ZIP format and is ready for upload to UKG Pro Learning.


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