Manage Events Categories

Administrators control who has access to Events in a category by adding specific permissions to categories. You can create rules per user’s job in each category. These permissions can be set per event category based on jobs and your academy’s organizational structure.

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning Training (hover) > Events

  1. Select Edit Categories.
  2. Choose Add New Category.
  3. Enter the name of the category.
  4. You can modify an event category by using the gear icon by the category's title. A set of functions will appear: 
    • Change Permissions
    • Edit Category
    • Create Subcategory
    • Delete Category


  • A category presents the events of all its subcategories.
  • If you delete a category, all events included will be listed in the "Without Category" section under Categories.
  • If you delete a subcategory, the events included will be listed in the parent category.

Change Permissions

Selecting Change Permissions allows you to add or modify permissions for the category. Administrators and training managers have access to all categories with no specific permissions required.

Give the permissions to Content Managers or All Employees by selecting the checkbox. You can also choose specific jobs and give permissions to specific units and above units. Select the Add Job/ Unit Criteria option and select the desired job(s), above unit(s), and unit(s).

Finally, Save to update the category.


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