Enable the Content Library Starting Page

The Content Library is where members can share content with other Academy members. You can enable a Starting Page for the Content Library and customize it according to your organization's needs.

Enable the Starting Page

You can enable the Starting Page and select which content blocks appear on the page. There are three content blocks available for the Starting Page:

  • Recently Seen - Displays the last four items viewed by the member.
  • Most Popular - Displays the four most viewed items in the Academy.
  • Favorites - Displays each item the member has marked as a Favorite.

Navigation: Admin > Your Academy > Academy Settings > Advanced Settings > Library

  1. Switch the toggle for the Starting Page to Yes.
  2. For each Starting Page block you want to appear on the page, switch its toggle to Yes.


  1. Select Save.

View the Starting Page

When a member visits the Content Library, the Starting Page is the first page they see. As they navigate throughout the Library, they can return to the Starting Page by selecting it from the Categories column.

Navigation: Content



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