Create automated registration rules for groups

UKG Pro Learning gives you the option to create automated registration rules for groups based on specific organizational criteria. Once you create an automated registration rule all users that match the criteria that you set, will be automatically registered in the group!

Admins and users with the Create Group permission enabled, can create automated registration rules by accessing the Group Administration panel.

To do so, click on the Groups tab from your upper navigation menu and hit Manage Group.


Once you have access to the administration panel, select Register Members and click on the Advanced Registration option. You can register a group of members based on their job and location. Moreover, you can create a registration rule to register future hires automatically.

Under Advanced Registration, select the specific job to which this registration is associated. Then, select both the desired Above Units and Units in their respective columns, filtering using the drop-down menus, if needed.
The number of individuals affected will appear below.


You have the choice of either register this group of members this one time and/or setting up a rule that will automatically register members under these parameters in the future.

To create a rule, just check  the Automated Registration Rule checkbox to keep make this registration into a rule for future members.

Check the Exclude existing academy members checkbox if you want this rule to be applied only to future members. Once you check this you can also define from what date and before you need to exclude members. The default one is today's date. All users that join the Academy after that date will be considered as new hires for this rule.

The Unregister when criteria are not met anymore checkbox gives you the option to define if the users who were registered to groups from that rule, should be unregistered once they lose their job/ (Above) Units/ Custom fields and they do not meet the criteria anymore. If this option is checked, the users that do not meet the rule's criteria will be unregistered from the group.


Important note: The un-registration will occur only for users that were added to a group from an automated registration rule. Users that were manually registered to groups, will not be unregistered from them.

While setting up a new rule for your group, excluding the future members (Exclude existing academy members option is unchecked), the system performs two different actions:

  • Register users now: Direct registration of the users that meet the rule's criteria at the time that the rule is being created
  • Set rule: Rule's creation

The Unregister when criteria are not met anymore option will affect only the users that were auto-registered to the group.

Add a name for your rule and click (Register Users and) Set Rule once finished!

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