Send Personal Messages

If you want to send a private message, just click on the notification icon in your personal or academy navigation bar.


Once you click it, you will be redirected to your Inbox page where you can see any read or unread message in your inbox.

To create a new message, just click on the New message button on the right side of your page.

New_message.PNGFill in the desired recipients as well as the subject and the body of your message, add an image or a URL if you want to and hit Send.



Each user is able to choose if they want to receive personal messages in the UKG Pro Learning solution by navigating to UKG Pro Learning > Me > My Settings and configuring their Privacy Settings. If a person has restricted their settings about who is able to send them messages, you will not be able to add them as a recipient.

These settings may differ from Academy to Academy if a user is a member of more than one Academy. They need to be configured in each Academy separately.

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