Create Games

In UKG Pro Learning, you can build games to motivate users to complete their training.

You can create different levels and choose which population of your Academy will be able to unlock levels of your game.

Points awarded through games or any activity that awards points are not applied retroactively. Points are only awarded from the time the activity or game is set up as described in this article.

  1. Activate the Gamification module for your academy. Navigate to UKG Pro LearningAdmin (hover) > Academy SettingsGamification Module and turn the toggle to Yes. You are now ready to create your own game!
  2. Navigate to UKG Pro LearningAdmin (hover) > Academy SettingsGamification (in the Administration Panel) > Games
  3. Select Create game.Screenshot_13.png
  4. Fill in the basic information for your game.
    • Add a Game Name: You can choose names for your game levels (Beginner, Amateur, Runner, Expert) but levels can have also numbers that will show up within the respective badges). Numbers can make clear the difference between two levels that are in great distance to each other.
    • Select an icon for your Game
    • Game Limitations: You can choose which population of your Academy will be able to unlock the levels of your game.Game_info.PNG
  5. Select the Save button at the bottom of the page once finished. You can now proceed with all of the additional settings for your game:Additional_settings.PNG
  6. Select if you want the different game levels to have also numbers (1st, 2nd, and so on.)
  7. Define the Game Levels
    1. Select the + (plus) icon in to create a level for your gameAdd_level.PNG
    2. Add a name for your level and define the points that are needed to unlock this level
    3. Select the wrench icon in order to change your badge shape, icon, and colors.Badge_preview.PNG
    4. Choose activities through which learners will be able to earn points for your game. Many activities when performed provide points to multiple learners. For example, when a learner completes a course he earns points as a learner but at the same time, you can choose for the instructor of the course to earn points as well.

    5. Add the points you want the activity to award. For activities related to Courses or Curricula, you also have the option to select if you want All courses to award the points when this activity is completed, or only specific Selected Courses.  
  8. Set your game as active. Go to your games' listing and set the toggle to yes.Set_active.PNG
    Each user will be able to see their active games as well as the current progress on these games when accessing their personal profile (UKG Pro Learning > Me > My Profile). The active games are under the Accomplishments tab, Badges option.My_profile.PNG

Administrators can enable an in-app notification that will inform the user about the points he earned for each one of the activities. Go to your Administration panel and select the Academy option, under Notifications. Find the Notification about Leaderboard notification and turn the toggle to yes.


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