Purchase Training from the Content Marketplace

The Marketplace allows academy administrators to browse and purchase professionally created courses, bundles, and subscription packages to use within the academy.

Navigation: UKG Pro LearningTraining (hover) > Purchase Courses

Here you can browse over 10,000 public online courses on many topics from various course providers. You can use the search bar or select a specific category to find courses that meet your needs.

For the latest information on the Marketplace and content updates, select the Read More button to be taken to the Content Marketplace Updates page (login required).

If you have not yet settled on what you want to purchase, or you want to purchase multiple courses, you can also contact the content team using the Send Message button.

If you found a course, bundle, or package you are interested in, select the Contact Sales button and a person from the content team will contact you soon to help you with your purchase.


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