Allocate Subscription Licenses

Purchased content in the Learning solution uses either licenses or coupons to allow an assigned user to take the course. These licenses and coupons can be allocated manually, automatically one time, or using a saved automated assignment rule. 

For more information on the difference between licenses and coupons, please see the Licenses Versus Coupons help article.

Allocate Licenses Manually

Administrators who purchase subscription plans can manually allocate those licenses to the members of their academy. 

Navigation: UKG Pro LearningAdminOnline TrainingAllocate Licenses

  1. Select your subscription by name. The Individual Subscription page opens.
  2. Use the + symbol to select the users.
  3. Select Subscribe.

Alternatively, use the Advanced subscription page to allocate licenses to users based on their job and location. This can be a one-time action, or you can create advanced assignment rules to assign licenses automatically, as detailed in the next section.

Assign Licenses Automatically with Automated Assignment Rules

Administrators can use the Advanced Assignment page to create advanced assignment rules for purchased courses. These rules are used to assign licenses automatically when members meet the criteria and are assigned to a course that requires one.

Activate the Feature

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning > Admin (hover) > Academy Settings Give Out Licenses Automatically

At least one set of licenses must be purchased and available in the Academy for this setting to appear.

  1.  Move the slider button to Yes
  2. Select Save.

Set Up Notifications

Navigation: UKG Pro LearningAdmin NotificationsAcademy Courses / Curricula

  1. Select There are no more licenses for a course.
  2. Move the slider button to Yes.
  3. Select There are no more coupons for a course.
  4. Move the slider button to Yes
  5. Select Save.

Customize these notifications to your preferences like you would any other Academy notifications.

Create an Automated Assignment Rule

Navigation: UKG Pro LearningAdminOnline TrainingAssign Training

  1. In the panel that opens, select External Courses from the drop-down list in the top right corner. Here you will find all the subscription courses you have purchased for your Academy
  2. Use the search bar to find the training you want to assign.
  3. Select a Job and at least one Above Unit or Unit and adjust your criteria to include the desired members.
  4. Select the Automated assignment rule checkbox.
    • When assigning licenses, the Learning solution automatically assigns the most appropriate license. For example, assigning licenses that are closer to their expiration date.
    • Members who meet the criteria are automatically assigned to the course. The automated rule also applies retroactively for single-course assignments.  
  5. (Optional) Select the Exclude academy members joined before checkbox and enter a date to exclude anyone who joined the Academy before that date. 
  6. (Optional) To automatically unassign the course once a member no longer meets the criteria, select the Unassign when criteria are not met anymore checkbox.
  7. Select Assign Now. The Learning solution will check if there are enough licenses available when the automated assignment rule is run.

If there are not enough licenses or coupons to fulfill the request the rule is paused until more are purchased. If the notifications are set up, an email is sent to either the academy super-administrator or the administrator who originally purchased the course, informing them there are no more licenses. After purchasing more, the rule must be manually restarted from the Advanced Subscription page. Individual licensed courses are then automatically assigned per assignment rules.

Course assignments that are part of a curriculum or transition process are paused if there is no license to assign. However, the curriculum or transition process that it is a part of is assigned. When new licenses are purchased, future members assigned the transition or curriculum will be assigned this new license automatically.

You will need to manually allocate new licenses to those members with existing transition processes or curricula that include a paused course.

Remove a License

To remove the license from a member, use the same steps used to allocate them manually. 

Navigation: UKG Pro LearningAdminOnline Training > Remove Licenses

  1. Select your subscription by name. The Individual Unsubscribe page opens.
  2. Use the + symbol to select the users.
  3. Select Unsubscribe

Alternatively, use the Advanced unsubscribe page to unsubscribe users based on jobs, locations, units, and above units.

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