Add Branding to an Above Unit

By branding an Above Unit, you have the ability to differentiate that Above Unit using a custom logo, cover, certificate, and/or name.

Navigation: Admin (hover) > Manage Hierarchy > Above Units 

  1. Search for the desired above unit type
  2. Select Decentralized Permissions
  3. Check the Set as brand option.

Note: The following restrictions apply to Brands:

  • You cannot connect a Unit to Above Units that belong to different brands. If a Unit is connected to Brand A, either directly or indirectly, you will not be able to connect it to Brand B. You will be able to connect it to all the non-branded Above Units and the other Above Units that belong to Brand A (and their children).
  • You cannot set an Above Unit as a Brand if that Above Unit belongs to another Brand by parent or children relationship. For example, if Above Unit A of Type Country is the parent of Above Unit B of Type City, and Type City is set as a Brand, then Type Country (and hence Above Unit A) will not be allowed to be set as a Brand. 

Once you have set up a Brand, then you will also be able to restrict jobs to only be assigned to the structure below this brand.

Customize My Brand

To customize this above unit, select Above Units. Then, within the specific Brand, select Edit Brand. You have 5 options for each Brand, on the Edit Brand page.

Edit Brand

From the drop-down menu, you can choose to give a logo or cover photo to this above unit and choose to hide or show the academy’s name.

You can customize your Brand's look to fit your own needs and preferences. Select the Skin Management button. The set of options you can adjust are the background menu colorfont colorfont hover color, and font size

Select Save when finished.


These adjustments will only be visible to those who belong to this above unit. 

If a user belongs directly to this Brand, or if a user is under a Unit that is associated with this Brand, they will be able to see the site colors you have set up for this Brand.

Configure Certificate by Brand

Certificates are automatically awarded whenever a student successfully completes a course.  As an academy Administrator, you are able to create custom certificates per Brand.

Members Intro Video By Brand

Administrators have the option to show an Introduction video to the members of a specific brand. You have the option to set either a Vimeo or a youtube link as an intro video.

Login Page By Brand

Administrators have the option to set up a custom Login Page for your Academy's Brands. 

  1. Set "Do you want a custom login page for your brand?" to Yes.
  2. Select Edit Login Page. You will be redirected to a new window where you will be able to adjust the brand's login page based on your needs. 
    Note: For your users to be able to use the new custom login page, you should make sure to provide them with the URL that is displayed on the Login Page per Brand setting.

Cascade Brand Settings

Administrators have the option to brand users that are indirectly connected to the parent above unit/unit. This option is called Cascading. The administrator of the academy can activate it per each Brand's needs by using the following toggle.


  • Users that belong to two or more branded Units/Above Units will see the default academy or custom academy settings (in case of custom certificates or custom login pages), not the branded ones.
  • If a user is part of multiple academies and is also part of one or more brand(s) in one or more academies, they should see the login page of the academy they have selected as their "landing page" on their profile settings.
  • The users will see the branded login page only if they are a member of a brand on the "landing" academy.
  • The users will see the academy login page if they are part of two (or more) brands on the "landing" academy. 
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