Add Employees and External Members to My Academy

If you Academy has External Learners, there are two ways to add members. You can add them manually, or add them in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet containing all of the necessary information.

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning > Admin > Members > Invite or Add Users > Add Users > Employees or External Members


Add Members Manually

  1. Select Add Row to create a new row.
  2. In the new row, place your cursor in the Firstname field and enter the employee's first name.
  3. in the Lastname field, enter the employee's last name. The Firstname and Lastname fields are required.
  4. Populate the remaining fields in the row.

    • Email or/and Username for your user. Email is optional if you add a Username and vice-versa.
    • The password for each individual is automatically generated or you can provide one.
    • The Force Password field, if set to Yes, will require members to provide a new password on their first login.
    • (Above) Unit and Job 
    • Preferred Content Language
    • Academy Role
      • Admin
      • Training Manager
      • Content Manager
      • Hourly Worker
    • Custom Attributes
  5. Select Submit to add the employee.

Copy and Delete Rows

After creating an employee entry, you can add the same employee with an additional (Above) Unit or Job.

  1. Check the box at the beginning of the employee row.
  2. Select Copy Row.
  3. Modify the fields as necessary.
  4. After selecting Submit, the rows are merged together.

You may need to delete one or more of your entries.

  1. Check the box at the beginning of each row you want to delete.
  2. Select Delete Row. To delete all of the entries, select Clear All.

Error Codes

The Learning solution automatically identifies errors by displaying an error code in the Errors column and changing the row color to red. Hover over an error code to see a description of the error. You can correct each error individually or select Clear All Errors to delete the rows that contain errors.



201 Already a member of the Academy
202 Username already exists in the Academy
203 External ID already exists in the Academy
204 The person you are going to add has the same username as someone in the academy
205 External ID already exists in the Imports
210 Email or Username is required
211 Firstname and Lastname is required
212 You must select a Unit
510 Unknown Type Name - Above Unit or Unit does not exist
564 Please provide a real email
610 Unknown Job - Job does not exist
611 An Above Unit or Unit is required
612 Insufficient Privileges to mark Admin, Training Manager or Content Manager role

Invalid email

912 Password must be at least 6 characters
913 Not valid user language
Error Code Descriptions


Upload Multiple Members

You can add multiple employees in bulk using a downloadable template.


This option is not available for adding External Members.


  1. Select Download Template.
  2. Populate the spreadsheet with all of the necessary employee data. You can add up to 200 employee records in a single upload. Each row corresponds to one employee record.
  3. Save the file to your computer.
  4. Select Upload File to select the file on your computer and upload it. When this file is loaded, your employees' data will be populated on the page.
  5. Review the rows and fix any errors that appear.
  6. Select Submit. Individuals added will automatically receive an email with their password. 

Additional Information

  • Trying to add a user who is already a member of your academy (based on the user's e-mail), will result in an error message.
  • Employee details such as Name and Email cannot be edited with the Add Users feature. You can only add information related to your academy, such as an employee's (Above) Unit, Job, etc.
  • Add a user in multiple units or different job roles by creating multiple copied records of the same user; in this case only the user information (name, email, and so on) from the first record will be taken into account. All other academy information, such as jobs and units from other records will be merged.
  • If the Add Users page contains one or more user records, you cannot upload an Excel file. You must submit or delete any existing records prior to uploading.
  • If a password already exists for an employee, the corresponding field is marked as Already Set and cannot be changed.
  • Import is limited to 200 records at a time.
  • If the same name is used for multiple (Above) Units, you can identify which is the correct one by checking the relevant (Above) Unit type. If adding employees in bulk, add the (Above) Unit type next to the (Above) Unit name. For example:

- Above Unit "A" of type "X"
- Above Unit "A" of type "Z"

The relevant fields in the template should be A-X and A-Z.

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