Set Academy Terms and Conditions

Academy Admins can set terms and conditions for the Academy and select the employees to which they apply. Users that match the criteria must agree to the terms to use the Academy.

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning > Admin > My Academy > Academy Terms

  1. In the Terms and Conditions field, enter your Academy's terms and conditions. You can also set a custom title for your terms and conditions.
  2. Select the Select Job drop-down list and check the boxes of each job to which the terms and conditions apply.
  3. In the Select Above Units list, check the boxes of the desired Above Units.
  4. In the Select Units list, check the boxes of the desired Units.
  5. (Optional) From the Choose Additional Fields drop-down list, select an additional field to filter the employees by, complete any applicable settings for the field, and then select OK.


  1. Switch the Are these Terms & Conditions active? toggle to Yes.
  2. Select Save Terms.


The total number of employees included in your Terms & Conditions rule is displayed in the Employees That Match Criteria block.

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