Customize the Academy Certificate

In UKG Pro Learning, when a student successfully completes a course they automatically receive a certificate. As an Academy administrator, you can customize the look of the certificates used within your Academy and create custom certificates by brand.

Customize your Academy Certificate

You can customize the certificate’s style and color. You can also upload your logo, which displays on the right side of the certificate, and your signature, which displays on the left. Additionally, you can add a custom badge, use the default one, or completely remove the badge icon from the certificate.

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning > Admin > Academy Settings > Your Academy > Custom Certificate

On the page that appears, choose between three types of certificates: Standard, Custom, or Advanced Custom.

Standard Certificates

The standard certificate provides the learner with a basic certificate whenever they complete a course, learning path, or event in your academy, highlighting the specifics of the completed content.

Custom Certificates

Custom Certificates allow you to customize the certificate’s style and color and upload your logo and signature. You can use the default badge, add a custom one, or remove the badge altogether.


If you add a custom badge you can adjust the colors, icon, badge shape, and add your own image.


When you are finished, select Save. After saving, you can preview your changes by clicking Preview Certificate.

Create Custom Certificates by Brand

Navigation: Admin (hover) > Manage Hierarchy > Above Units

  1. Select the Above Units tab.
  2. Next to the Above Unit for which you want to create a custom certificate, select Edit Brand.


  1. Select Configure Certificate by Brand.
  2. Select Standard Certificate or Custom Certificate
  3. Make the desired changes to the certificate. The results that the user sees may be different depending on their organizational structure and the settings you have applied for your Brand.
  4. Select Save.


  • The results that the user may end up seeing may differ depending on their organizational structure and the settings you have applied for your Brand. 
  • The uploaded image’s ratio should be 400x480 pixels.
  • A certificate will always reflect the course's title. If a course title changes, it will also change on all certificates awarded — past, present, and future. This means what is shown on a certificate may change retroactively.

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