Set Preferred Time Zone

It is important that your time zone is set correctly in your academy. 

Navigation: UKG Pro > Me (hover) > My Settings > Settings > Timezone

  1. From the My Preferred Timezone drop-down list, select a timezone.
Note: This setting takes into account all Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes and affects all times and dates shown on dashboards, certificates, and reports.
  1. Select Save.


When setting a completion date or a due date on the Assign Training pages or Employees' Dashboard, the member’s preferred time zone will be taken into account and displayed accordingly.

As an example: 

  • Admin’s timezone: EEST (GMT+3) 
  • Member’s timezone: AKDT (GMT-11) 

On 06/15/2020 the Admin of the academy adds a due date of 06/17/2020 for one of the user’s courses. This means that the due date that the Admin will be able to see for this user will be 06/17/2020 00:00 EEST. The same due date will be 06/16/2020, 21:00 AKDT for the member. That means that the due date that the user will be able to see under the course card will be 06/16/2020. 


  • All members’ time zones will default to their internet browser time zone on their first login.
  • In case the user logs in via SSO and no specific timezone has been defined, all of the dates/times on dashboards/certificates, and so on will not be changed.


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