Assign a Curriculum to an Academy Group

In UKG Pro Learning, members with Admin rights or group creators with the Assign Training permission can assign curricula to Academy groups.

An Admin can select any of the existing academy groups while a manager can select only the groups that they have created.

Upon assignment, some individuals are automatically excluded from the To assign list based on:

  • If an Admin assigns a curriculum to a group that he is also a member of, he will be excluded from the To assign list.
  • If a Group Creator assigns a course to a group, the system excludes automatically the individuals that this Group Creator has no permission to assign to.
  • If an individual - member of a group is already enrolled in the selected course, he will not be included in the To assign list.

Navigation: Admin > Online Training > Assign Training > Curricula > select a curriculum

Select a Group

  1. From the assignment options, select Group Assignment.


  1. From the Filter List column, select the plus (+) symbol next to each group to which you want to assign the curriculum.

To remove a group from the Selected Groups list, select the minus (-) symbol next to the group name.

  1. Optional. Next to Employees to assign, select the text in parenthesis to download a list of the assignees included in the selected groups.



Configure Assignment Settings

  1. From the Due Date drop-down list, select The curriculum has to be completed in and enter a number of days, or select The curriculum has to be completed by and enter a date. Once you add value for the due date field, you will see an extra checkbox to “Unassign users once the due date is missed''. If selected, each user who is included in this assignment will be automatically unassigned from the course once their due date passes.

    If you select the “Unassign users once due date is missed'', another checkbox will appear, which if selected will auto-unassign the users as soon as they reach their due date, regardless of their completion or certificate’s expiration.curriculaunassignafterduedate.png

    If the training you selected to assign has prerequisites, an Assign Prerequisites checkbox will appear. If you check this option, then all prerequisites of this training will also be assigned to the selected users.

    If the courses of this curriculum have prerequisites, then the Assign Prerequisites option will also assign these prerequisites to the users. 

  2. Optional. In the Message field, enter a message for the assignees.
  3. Optional. Select Upload Attachment to include a file with the assignment.
  4. Select Assign.


Create an Automated Assignment Rule

When creating a Group Assignment, you can assign the curriculum one time, or you can add an automated assignment rule to automatically assign the curriculum to anyone who is added to the selected group in the future.

  1. Select the desired groups as described above.
  2. Check the Automated Assignment Rule box.
  3. Optional. In the Assignment Profile Name field, enter a name for the assignment profile.
  4. Select the desired assignment settings as described above.
  5. Optional. Check the Assign Now box to assign the curriculum to all current members of the selected groups.
    If the Automated Assignment Rule option is checked then to complete the process you have two options:
    Assign Now & Set Rule: By having the Assign Now option checked and clicking Set Rule, you select to Assign the users that are currently members of the selected groups and set a rule to assign new members in the future. 
    Set Rule: If you do not select the Assign Now option, this means that the users that are currently members of the selected groups will not be assigned to the training and you will only set a rule for future members. 
  6. Select Set Rule.


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