Publish a Course in Adobe Captivate 9 for Uploading to UKG Pro Learning

UKG Pro Learning enables you to add lectures to courses by uploading your own files, such as SCORM files (SCORM 1.2). Before you can upload the file to Learning, you must prepare your SCORM slides, content, quizzes, etc. in your authoring tool. For this example, the authoring tool is Adobe Captivate 9.

Configure the File for Publishing

  1. In an open project, select Quiz >Quiz Preferences.

The Preferences dialog box appears with the Quiz Reporting category open.

  1. Check the Enable reporting for this project box.
  2. From the LMS drop-down list, select Other Standard LMSs.
  3. From the Standard drop-down list, select SCORM 1.2.
  4. Select Configure.

You don't need to make any changes here. After clicking the "OK" button, the manifest file will be created.

  1. Set the Template option as Default and then select from Status Representation the option Incomplete > Complete.
  2. On the option Success/Completion Criteria mark the option Slide views and/or quiz, then select only the choice Quiz and from the dropdown menu select the option Quiz is Passed.
  3. From Data To Report select Percentage for the Quiz Score and also mark the option Interaction Data.
  4. At the textbox LMS Initialization Text press the button Advanced where the picture below appears:

  1. Select only the first (Send Data On Every Slide) and the third option (Escape Version and Session ID) as shown on the picture above and then press the button OK.
  2. On the menu Quiz Preferences -> Settings set the Required option: as Required - The user must take the quiz to continue. You don't need to make any further changes here.

  1. Set audio settings. See the images below for details.

  1. Set the percentage of the total points that the user has to pass the quiz, allow users to have specific Attempts or Infinite Attempts, and if you want to give users the option to retake the quiz, check the Show Retake Button box. See the picture below for details:

  1. Before publishing to the LMS, you can check if the score has been set up correctly through Project -> Advanced Interaction dialog box.

In the example above, you can see three different Quiz questions and the Quiz Results. In order to get the correct results and get the sum of the points earned to the LMS, you have to make sure that the returned points (column Points) for each Quiz question are displayed correctly.

Important: To complete the SCORM course, the user must pass the quiz. If the quiz is not passed, the course is marked as incomplete.

Publish the Project

  1. Select File > Publish.

  1. From the Publish as drop-down list, select HTML5/SWF.
  2. In the Project Title field, enter a name for the project.
  3. In the Location field, enter the path on your computer where you want to save the file.
  4. Check the Zip Files box.
  5. From the Output Format section, select SWF and HTML5.
  6. Check the Force re-publish on all slides box.
  7. Check the Scalable HTML content box to scale the SCORM for mobile viewing.
  8. From the Flash Player drop-down list, select Flash Player 10.
  9. Select Publish.

You can now upload your SCORM .zip file to UKG Pro Learning.

Create a Responsive Project

Alternatively, you can create a responsive project on Adobe Captivate with the same settings as above.

Select Responsive Project to see the five breakpoints. We recommend the following three default screen resolutions:

  • Desktop - Recommended Device Height: 627 px, Width: 1024 px

  • Tablet Portrait - Recommended Device Hight: 627 px,  Width: 768 px


  • Mobile Portrait - Recommended Device Height : 466 px,  Width: 414 px

Set all the options as shown below and then select Publish.

You can now upload your SCORM as a lecture to any UKG Pro Learning course.

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