Configure the Sequence of Courses in a Curriculum

Administrators or users with permission can set the sequence of the curriculum's courses and whether the sequence is optional or mandatory.

Navigation: TrainingCurricula > locate curriculum > Manage Courses > Edit Courses

  1. Drag and drop the courses into the desired sequence.
  2. (optional) Adjust the Course Sequence setting. By default, the course sequence is set to Suggested and the learner can attend the different courses of a curriculum in any order. To make the sequence mandatory, select the Mandatory radio button for "Course Sequence is".
    Note: If you have added optional courses to your curriculum, you will have the ability to skip optional courses and move on to mandatory training.

The curriculum scheduler is used to pace a curriculum. Set each course to be available a specific number of days after the curriculum enrollment date or after the previous course completion date.

If you are adding a new course, you can also choose to maintain or reset progress for users who have completed the curriculum.


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