How to manage user-progress when adding new courses within a curriculum?

You have the option to add new courses to a curriculum without affecting the progress of the employees who have already completed it.

You can manage the user progress once you enter the Curriculum administration panel. In order to have access to a Curriculum panel, select Manage Curriculum option.

Once in the Curriculum panel, select the Edit Courses card. A list of all the courses appears.

In case you want to add new courses, you have the option to manage the curriculum progress for users who have already completed the curriculum in question. Just adjust the relevant setting to your needs!

  • If Yes is selected, the new course will be marked as completed for the users who have already completed the curriculum. So, by accessing the Employees' dashboard and by hovering over the indicator icon you will be able to see why the course was automatically marked as completed. Maintain_tp__2_.png
  • If No is selected, the curriculum-progress will be updated even for the users who had completed the curriculum in the past.

Note: The Manage Progress setting does not work retroactively. You should apply the setting before adding a new course to the curriculum.

Note: Users will not receive a course certificate for the course that was marked as completed by the Maintain Progress process. 

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