Courses and Curricula

Two of the primary features of UKG Pro Learning are Courses and Curricula. How you use them within your Academy depends on the content you want to provide to your members.


A course is a set of lectures that can consist of a variety of content types. Lectures can include videos, documents, presentations, and more. You can provide courses as standalone learning, or include them in a curriculum.



Curricula are groups of courses that typically share a subject. You can create a curriculum to provide your members with a more comprehensive skillset on a specific topic. You can also leverage a curriculum for courses that are available in multiple languages.


When a member enrolls in a curriculum, they are automatically enrolled in the courses within the curriculum. When they start a course within the curriculum, a progress bar on the curriculum's front page automatically updates to reflect their progress. Members can view their progress on individual courses and their overall progress toward completion of the curriculum.

Note: When members are assigned to a course through a curriculum assignment, if the course is removed from the curriculum, they are automatically unassigned from the course. If the course was directly assigned to a member or if they were assigned the course through a different curriculum, their enrollment in the course is unchanged.
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