How To Promote Curricula In Your Academy?

A block, under the name Promoted Curricula, can be added to the academy’s home page for every user. 

One of the curricula (that have been marked as promoted) can be shown on every user’s home page.

As soon as the block has been added you can choose which curricula should be listed as promoted curricula. From the admin panel select Online Training and then Curricula Listing. All curricula will be displayed and you can select the ones you want to be promoted. Please bear in mind that Private Curricula even if selected as promoted do not populate at the promoted curricula block. Curricula need to be public. 


One of the promoted curricula will be shown on every user’s home page. For a curriculum to populate as a promoted curriculum at a user’s home page, the user should not be already enrolled in the curriculum.


Please note: Curriculum category visibility rules outweigh promoted curricula setup. For example, a curriculum set as a promoted curriculum, part of a category not visible to all employees, won't populate at the promoted curriculum block for an employee.

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