Connect a Zoom Webinars Account to an Academy

In UKG Pro Learning you can connect your Academy with your Zoom webinars account in order to create Live Session events. That means that you, as an Academy Admin, as well as all Event Instructors will be able to use one Zoom account for all of your Live Sessions.

Connect your Zoom webinars account with your Academy

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning > Admin (hover) > Academy Settings > Live Sessions Integration > Integration with Zoom 

  1. Select Connect next to Connect your Zoom meetings account. You will be redirected to Zoom.webinars_3.png
  2. Enter your Zoom credentials.meetings_4.png

    Note: If it is the first time that your account is connected with UKG Pro Learning, you will need to authorize Learning to access your Zoom account. In order to be able to set up the integration, you will need to check your Zoom account and make sure that you have all of the necessary permissions activated:
    • View and manage all user meetings (write permission)
    • View users’ information and manage users (write permission)
    • View all user information (read permission)
    • View report data (read permission)
    • View all user meetings (read permission)
  3. You can now fill in the capacity data. If you have an up to 25 users Zoom account, for example, you won’t be able to invite more than 25 users for your event.webinars_10.png
  4. Select whether only Admins will be able to use the academy zoom account you have just connected. Under the Zoom Integration tab of your Academy Settings, you will be now able to find the relevant setting.
  5. Select Yes if you want only the academy admins to be able to use the Academy Zoom account to initiate events.

Your Zoom account is now successfully connected to your Learning account! You are now ready to continue with the creation of your Live Session events. 


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