Register Users for an Event

Users with Admin rights, Training Managers who have the Invite/register members to Academy Events permission, as well as Managers with the Register Members to Events permission, can register users to events through the Register Users page.

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Individual and Advanced Registration

  1. Find the event and select the Manage Event option.
  2. Select Register Users.2.png
    You can register specific individuals (Individual Registration) or you can select a group of employees based on their job and location (Advanced Registration).3.png4.png
  3. After selecting academy members, add a message and an attachment (optional) and select Register.5.png

Mass-Register Attendees

Admins and Training Managers with the Invite/Register Members to Academy Events permission can upload an Excel file and mass-register attendees to an event. This feature also allows you to update event attendance by uploading an updated Excel file after the event.


  • You can add registrants after the completion of your event. 
  • You cannot add registrants while your event is still in progress.
  • You cannot add registrants if your event is an invitation-based event.
  1. From the Register Users page, select the download template icon to download the template.
  2. Fill in the document with all the necessary information.
  3. Select the upload template icon to upload the updated file.6.png



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