Manage and Assign Polls

Manage Polls

The Manage Polls page offers the ability to perform basic poll management including editing poll questions and answers, previewing polls, copying polls you created, and deleting polls.

There are two types of polls:

  • Non-event polls (standalone/course/curriculum/group polls)
  • Event polls (in-class training/live session polls)

Navigation: UKG Pro Learning > Admin > Polls > Manage Polls 

                   UKG Pro Learning > Admin > In-Class Training or Live Sessions > Manage Events > locate event > Manage Event > Manage Polls

Non-Event Poll Options

  • Edit
  • Preview
  • Delete
  • Make public or private
  • Upload an image to replace the default thumbnail

Event Poll Options

  • Edit
  • Preview
  • Delete
  • Make public or private
  • Copy a poll from a main event to additional event offers. From the main event page, use the Select Event dropdown and check the box next to each event offer where the poll should be copied, then select the Copy button.

Assign Polls

You can assign non-public standalone polls to Academy members from the Manage Polls page. From the poll row, select Assign.


You can assign polls to specific employees using Individual Assignment or to a group of employees based on an organizational structure using Advanced Assignment.


View Poll Results

You can view the results of closed-ended question polls in a new window and export the results of open-ended questions to a file.

Poll Results

Under Poll Results, there is a brief overview of the responses that your members have given. You can also filter by organizational structure to check the answers of a specific org node or filter by dates to check the answers within a specific timeframe. 

Closed-Ended Results

The results of closed-ended question polls display as a bar chart.



Open-Ended Results

The results of open-ended question polls download as an Excel or .csv file and contain all of the submitted answers.




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