Manage Academy Wall Settings

The academy wall is a place where users can post status updates and see news of their peers' activities. The wall in your academy can be used in different ways. For example, you can use the wall as a communication tool between employees only, or you can open up your wall to customers or members that follow your organization. 

Academy administrators are able to limit these interactions. The wall can be set to be visible only to employees, to external members of the academy, or it can be completely deactivated. Administrators control who can review and who can post to the corporate wall. For example, the wall can be set so employees can view posts made by administrators, but cannot post or comment. 


Navigation: UKG Pro LearningAdmin (hover) > Academy Settings Social Collaboration ModuleWall/news feeds

To activate the wall feature for your academy, turn the toggle to Yes. Once you enable the wall feature for your academy, users will be able to access it from the upper navigation bar (Wall tab) and see all of the academy posts.


To manage your Academy's Wall settings, the Wall must be activated. 

The following settings are available:

View and Post

Decide who will be able to view the Wall and who will be able to post on it. These restrictions apply to your academy's admins, training managers, employees, and external members. If a group of members has permission to post to the wall they will also be able to view it, but their permissions can be limited to only viewing the wall. The members who are able to post in the academy will also receive email notifications if someone interacts with a post they are involved in.

Require Administrator Approval

When checked, each post on the wall will not be posted until an administrator approves it. Administrators will receive an email notification about every post that needs their approval. Once they review the post, the user that posted it will also get a notification about the post's status.

Hide Auto-Generated Posts

The Learning solution also generates automated wall posts when one of the following actions takes place. You can decide how the auto-generated posts should be handled. 

Action Posted by
a course is published course creator
an event is published event creator
a group is published group creator
a poll is published poll creator

an academy member enrolls in a course

academy member

an academy member completes a course

academy member
a badge is awarded to a member

academy member (that awarded the badge)

a member earns a badge

academy member (that earned the badge)

a new friendship between members was created academy member
a bookmark is saved in the academy library

bookmark creator

a user has unlocked a new game level

academy member (that unlocked the level)

a member enters the Leaderboard

academy member (that entered the Leaderboard)

a member reaches the top of the Leaderboard

academy member (that reached the top of the Leaderboard)

a member shares media/link

academy member (that shared the media)

To hide all auto-generate posts, select the Hide auto-generated posts box.

To allow only some of these posts to be generated, select the checkbox from the dropdown menu and keep only the desired ones.

Members Can Comment on Auto-Generated Posts

If this option is selected, members will be able to comment on the auto-generated posts described above. If auto-generated posts are hidden this option is not availble.

Admins Can Edit Their Wall Posts

If this option is selected, administrators will be able to edit their posts or comments on the academy wall.

Members Can Edit Their Wall Posts

If this option is selected, then anyone that can post on the academy wall will be able to edit their posts or comments.


You can manage who is able to see your posts on the wall under UKG Pro LearningMe (hover) > My Settings. In the Information: Who can see What section, locate Wall and choose your post visibility.


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