Manage My Groups

Groups have several functions available that will allow group members to collaborate and interact with each other. 

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  1. Locate the group you want to modify.
  2. Select Manage Group. On the left side of the page, under Group Panel you can see all of the Group functions.


The wall allows you to share messages, useful links, images and/or files.


  • Group members have the option to schedule a group wall post to be published on a specified date.
  • The files and pictures that the users upload will be available to download by anyone viewing the post.
  • Group administrators have the option to pin a group post to the top of the wall. Select pin to top.Screenshot_20.png

All Discussions

Discussion boards allow you to have conversations or gather feedback from the group members about specific topics.



Use the group library to store material relevant to your group.

Group Members

Use the Group Members tab to view the members of your group, assign administrative permissions to other group members or award them a badge.



Use the Admins tab to see the users who have administrative permissions to your group.

Edit Group

Use this tab if you want to edit the current settings of your group.

Edit Image

Use this tab if you want to upload an image for your group.


Use the Polls tab to create polls within your group and get feedback from the group members.



Remember to publish your poll.

Send Invitations and Register Members

Invite mambers to join or simply add them to the group.

Edit Badges

You can create a new badge, edit an existing one or delete a badge that you do not need anymore. 

Admins have the option to create badges by default. They have also the option to decide if training managers should be able to create badges. They also have the option to give this permission to specific managerial jobs (such as to unit managers).

In order to create a new Badge for your Group, select the Create Badge button at the top of the page.


Add a title for your badge, write a short description, upload an image and select a shape and/or icon for your badge.



  • Admins have an extra option available in order to make a badge awardable only by specific jobs.
  • The uploaded image should be 400x480 pixels.

Select the blue Save button at the bottom of the page to save your badge.


You can configure your group notifications per group. 

When you first access this page on a group level, the default options for all notifications will be exactly the ones that you have configured on an academy level. That means, that the notifications will continue to be sent per the Academy settings, for the group in question.

If nothing is configured for a specific email notification on the Group page, you will see the following message “Currently, this email notification is being sent out based on your academy’s general notification settings. Any change in the following settings will only be applied for this specific group.”. This way you can distinguish which notifications are configured on a Group level for this Group and which are not.


Once a change is made to a notification on the group level, then any change made on the academy level for this notification will not be applied to the specific group. From that point, only the configuration options made on this notification on the group level will define how and if this notification will be sent for this group. In this case, you will see the following message "Currently, this email notification is being sent out based on the following settings, which are specific to this group.” which means that any changes made on the Academy level will not be applied for this notification on the Group level.


At the bottom of each notification, there is a button available, the “Restore to Academy Settings” button. By clicking this button the email notification will be restored to the settings configured on the academy level. This way you can restore the notification back to the academy level. Once you do this, any changes made on the Academy level will also be applied for this notification on the Group level. 



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