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Groups are a very powerful feature for content and knowledge sharing and collaboration. Each group has its own visibility and access rules. Under Academy Settings, users with Admin rights have the option to define who can create groups and what kind of groups can be created. Just hover over Admin from the upper navigation menu and click on the Academy Settings option.


Select the Advanced Settings tab and under Social Collaboration Module hit Academy Groups.


Any member on UltiPro Learning, employees of your company included, can create a group. But you can decide which members can create groups for your Academy. Those groups can be either for corporate knowledge sharing and collaboration and visible only to your employees or public groups and visible to everybody. The group creator decides who can see and join the group (e.g. employees, customers, everybody).


Since Groups feature is enabled, users with the Create Group permission enabled, can create groups for each of the entities under their org structure.

To do so, click on the Groups tab on the upper navigation menu and then hit Create Group.



You can now fill in some basic information about your Group and define some basic settings.

  1. Add the Name of your group (try to give a short and clear title)
  2. Add a Description for your group
  3. Select if you want to allow group members to share content (if you select "no" here, the Content tab will be completely removed from the Group Panel)
  4. Select if you want to allow group members to post in the group wall
  5. Select if you want to allow group members to create a discussion thread
  6. Select the group category. Only users who have access to this category will be able to see this group.
  7. Select if you want your group to be available Only to Employees/ Employees and External members
  8. Select if you want your group to be a public or a private one.



Don't forget to click on the Create New Group button when finished!


Important notes:

  • If you assign your group to the "Without Category", all academy members will be able to see it.
  • Managers cannot create Group Categories. They have the option to use the already created categories that they have permission to access. If you, as an admin, want to give your managers the right to create categories you will have to use the decentralized permissions. 
  • Please make sure that you have defined the Group category permissions and you have selected the job(s), Above Unit(s) and Unit(s) that should have access to this category. To do so, click on Groups from the upper navigation menu, select the category on the right-hand side of the page and click on the lock icon to open the group permissions page. 



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