Manage Employee's Skills and Performance

Desired academy skills need to be determined and then those skills associated with appropriate jobs and courses. Or more precisely the exams within the courses. The exam questions must reflect the associated skills. 

You need to determine which skills are relevant in your Academy. In your Administration Panel click Skill Management and then Edit Skills. UKG Pro Learning lists several common skills you can use in the right-hand column. You can simply click its plus symbol to add it to your Academy. To remove it click it's "x" and confirm.

If you don't see a skill you'd like to use you can type it into the field on the top of the list and click add. You can add as many as you'd like and you always have the option of returning to add or delete as needed.

Once you have added all the appropriate skills you can put them into groups for easy distribution by clicking Group Skills. In the column on the right, there are all the skills that are associated with your Academy. 

To add a group, name a new group and click add. To add skills to a Group click the plus symbol. You can remove any skill by clicking its "x". You can see what skills are associated with each group by clicking its arrow.


The next step is associating these skills and skill groups to specific jobs and courses. The exam results within a course can then point the jobs in which individuals may excel. Click Connect Skills, Jobs, and then Courses

On the left you can see your Academy's jobs. On the right, your Academy's skills and skill groups. To associate them with a job click the job on the left and then the skill or groups plus symbol. You can also add individual skills from within a group if you'd like. Click the group's arrow and then the skill's plus symbol. For jobs with more than one skill associated with it, you have the opportunity to weigh the importance of each skill as it relates to the job. Click the arrow next to the job and adjust the weight with the slider. 

Under connect with courses you can set up which skills should be assessed through each course. This determination must be then carried to the actual exams within those courses. Or you will end up analyzing false data. UKG Pro Learning uses a complex set of algorithms to get with how you've set up your academy skills, to rate each individual based on their exams scores.


In Performance Settings, you are able to weigh the importance of the automated assessment to any manual input the instructors provide. With manual assessment instructors can weigh in on what the exams may have missed.

Click the individual's name and then click new assessment next to one of their jobs or skills. You can rate their performance using the slitter and leave a comment about the adjustment if I you'd like. Save when finished.


After everything is set up as it should be I can start ripping the rewards of my labor. Within user's performance, you can see individual assessment you can filter and search to quickly find specific individuals and then click their name to dive in to their results. 

On the other end, within Skills and Jobs Performance you can see where each individual stands next to their peers in both on various Academy's skills and jobs. So for example, you can easily see who may be a choice to move up to manager.

In Assign Skills, you can assign several skills to your employees. Simply select the skills and use the "Individual Assignment" or the "Advanced Assignment" tool.


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