Monitor Training Impact on Business Growth

Depending on your business needs, training can take place periodically or on an ongoing basis. The UKG Pro Learning solution offers different dashboards where you can track the impact of training, compare it with specific metrics, and explore whether there is a relationship between your training and the business outcome.


Navigate to your administration tab from the upper navigation menu, and from the left side menu select Business Impact. Click on Impact of Ongoing training or Impact of Seasonal Training based on what you want to explore.



In the panel that opens, select the desired KPI and date from the dropdown lists.


To analyze your data:

1. Go through the graphs


2.  Monitor the correlation value of training performance data variables. Simply, check inside the box of the desired variable to get the results.



*Correlation value in statistics measures the strength and direction of a relationship between two variables, for example between monthly revenue and exam success rate. These values range from -1 to 1, where -1 stands for a strong negative relationship and 1 for a strong positive relationship. The higher the correlation value, the stronger the relationship.

3. Go through the Contribution and Dependency percentage of the impact factors. Contribution percentage shows how much the impact factor has contributed on the business outcome. Dependance percentage shows the level of dependency of this result on the impact factor.





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