Add Supplemental Material to a Course

You have the option to add supplemental material to your course and attach it to specific course lectures. The supplemental material can be a website, a file uploaded via your computer, or material uploaded directly from the Content Library.

Navigation: UKG Pro LearningTraining (hover) > Courses

  1. Find the course and select Manage.
  2. Select Lectures.
  3. Select Supplemental Material.Screenshot_23.png
  4. On this page, you are given the option to select which type of supplemental material you want to add to your course. Select Add URLAdd File, or Add from Library.
  5. Once you select the type of material to add, a pop-up window will open that will show you a list of the lectures included in the course, including a First Lecture option. Select if you want your supplemental material to be attached to a specific lecture.mceclip2.png
  6. Select Next once finished. You will be redirected to add the URL, upload the file or select the file from your Content Library, based on what you selected in the beginning.
  7. Once you are finished, select Save. The material will be added under the Supplemental Material tab. You will have the option to edit, delete, or move it to another lecture within the course.mceclip3.png

Members will have the option to access all supplemental material under the Supplemental Material tab. There they will be able to search for supplemental material based on the lecture the material is attached to. You can also use the language filter, sort supplemental material alphabetically, or sort by date to limit your results.


Supplemental Materials that are connected to a lecture will also show in the Lecture tab. 


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