Manage Academy Members

The Manage Members page is a very important page in UKG Pro Learning, as it allows you to manage and overview your Academy Members. The multiple options will help you manage your members' organizational structure, status, and user information!

This page is only available to the users who have permission to manage users. To find the Manage Members page, head to the Administration Panel, click on Members and then select Manage Members.


On this page, you can search for a specific Academy Member using the search bar, or use the organizational filters to get a group of users matching the same organizational criteria. 

Please note that most of the options under this page are only available for Academy Admins. 

Basic Options 

  • By clicking the Info icon next to each Member, you can review the organizational structure this user is under. 
  • Under each user's name, there are two options: the View Profile and View Reporting.
    • Clicking View Profile will lead you to the specific user's profile. 
    • Clicking View Reporting will lead you to the Employees Dashboard of this specific user.
  • By clicking the Lock icon next to a member's name you can log in as them.

    Please note that: 
    • This is an option available only for Academy Admins.  
    • The lock will not be available if the user you want to log in as is also an Admin.
    • The lock will not be available if the user you want to log in as is a member of multiple Academies.
    • When logging in as the user, certain personal information such as messages or billing information, will not be available to you.

Manage a Member's Structure

Through the Manage Members page, you can assign Roles, Jobs, Above Units, and Units to your Academy Members. Let's check each option in more detail! 

Note: Before trying to assign Jobs and locations to your Academy Members, make sure you have set up the needed structure (Roles, Locations, and/or Jobs) on the Set Up Organization page.

Edit a user's information

Τhrough the Manage Members page, you can easily edit your Academy Members' information. You have the option to update basic information such as the user's name, or more specific information such as the user's preferred language. 

Deactivate a Member

On the Manage Members page, you have the option to deactivate your Academy's Members, individually or in bulk by a template upload. 

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