Assign Skills

As an Academy Admin, you have the ability to assign skillss to your academy's members. The skills you assign to your Academy Members will be marked as Required Skills for these users.

To assign skills, head to the Admin Panel, select Performance Skills, and click on Assign Skills. On this page, you can either assign skills individually or by advanced assignment.

Individual Assign

To assign skills to individual users, just click on the + button next to each user that you need to assign the skill to. Click Next when you have selected all the users.

Advanced Assign

On the Advanced Assign page you have the option to select multiple users, based on their common organizational structure. First select the job needed and then the Above Units or/and Units. Click on Next once you are finished with your selections.


Assign Skills

On the next page, select which skill(s) you need to assign to the users that you selected in the previous page. You can search for the needed skill or filter by industry, category or type. To see any details available for each skill, just click on the arrow next to it.

You can select to assign multiple skills by clicking the checkbox next to each skill.

You also have the ability to assign a group of skills. To do so, select the Grouped Skills tab, click on the arrow of the selected group, and check the top checkbox to select all of the group's skills.

Select Assign when finished.

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