Connect Skills with Jobs

Once an administrator has selected the skills/skill groups that are relevant to your Academy, you are ready to associate them with specific Jobs.

To connect skills with Jobs and Courses, navigate to UKG Pro Learning > Admin > Skills Management > Connect Skills - Jobs - Courses.

  1. Select Connect with Jobs.
  2. Select one or multiple jobs to connect them with skills. Feel free to use the search bar at the top of the page to filter your results. If you want to check if a job is already connected with a skill, select the arrow next to the job title. All of the associated skills along with their priority and the required proficiency level will be displayed. You can also click on the arrow next to each skill to check any available details.\
  3. Select the Connect button at the top or the bottom of the page. 
  4. Select the skills or the groups of skills that are required for the selected job(s) and add the required proficiency level per skill. You have the option to weigh the importance of each skill (Priority column) as it relates to the job. To do so, adjust the weight with a slider.




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