Tracking Academy Prerequisites

Admins have the option to view and manage prerequisites along with the entire path of prerequisites connections. They can also specify the order that prerequisites are displayed on the course or curriculum card.

Navigation: Administration > Online Training > Prerequisites > Courses


On this page, you can see all of the courses and curricula created in your academy along with the prerequisites defined for these courses and curricula. You have the option to filter the results and show only the courses and curricula with prerequisites!


Select the Expand Prerequisites option to see all of the prerequisites defined for the selected course and curriculum. You can also change the order of the prerequisites if you want to, with a simple drag and drop.


Select the +Add option to add a new course and curriculum as a prerequisite. Read more: How to set prerequisites for a Course?

Select Exclude Users to exclude specific users from required prerequisite courses either individually or based on organizational criteria. Once you do so, a window will drop down where you can select users via Individual or Advanced selection.


These users will still have access to the courses, but completion won’t be mandatory for them. 

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