Request a Performance Metric Assessment

As an Admin, you have the ability to request from your Academy’s managers to assess the Performance Metrics of the employees under their organizational structure.

First, you need to grant your managers permission to assess their employees. To do this, go to the Admin Panel and click Set Up Organization, under the Members tab. You can select any managerial job you want to give this permission to- either for Above Unit managers or Unit managers. Click on permissions and enable the “Assess Members’ Metrics” permission for the desired jobs.


Once you have provided your managers with this permission you are ready to request them to assess their employees! To request an assessment go to the Admin Panel and click Request Assessment, under the Performance Metrics tab.


Only the managers with the relative permission will be populated on this page. You can select from which managers you want to request an assessment either through an individual request or an advanced one. In the individual request tab just click the “+” icon next to the manager you need to add as a selected user.

In the advanced request tab,  you can select which organizational criteria the selected managers need to match to receive the assessment request.

Once you have selected the managers, you can then set a starting date, by which the managers can start their employees’ assessment and add a message for them. You can also select whether you want this request to be repeated every “x” months (from 1 to 12 months).

You can set up multiple rules for different managers and different time assessment periods. Periodic assessment requests can be edited and deleted anytime on the "Track Requests" page. The due date for each metric assessment is five days.

Please note that if you request a repeated assessment from a manager, you will then not be able to request another assessment from this user until the repeated request is completed or deleted.


The managers you have selected will be notified by an email notification informing them about your request. 

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